Final Product // Lila Music Video

Last month we did a feature on a music video for the group Lila. It was Directed and Produced by Stefano Pennisi, before hand he answered some questions for us regarding the project! He mentioned in his initial interview, "The end result is really something special - You are getting all these mixes of bright florescent colors and different cool looks while still feeling like its part of this black void where everything lives within. I think it's pretty unique and I can't wait to share it with everyone."

Well, the time is up people! The final result is here!  Check out the video, send them your love, and let us know your thoughts!

Thank you to the whole team for using our studios for this awesome project. 

Director / Producer: Stefano Pennisi 

Director of Photography: Bernard Hunt 

Production Designer: Kristen Miller 

Talent: Jon Le Sueur, Eli McDuffee, Robin Owens

Editor: Ryan Ivanoff 


Azaelia Banks // Complex Media

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 5.49.10 PM.png

Complex Media Presents

Azealia Banks

As is tradition, when a new year comes, new resolutions do too. Many resolutions have to do with working out more or eating healthier, all of which in turn help with one's overall mental health. With these thoughts in mind we wanted to highlight a recent project shot by Complex Media at our stages. The video is an eight minute introspective on the world-renowned recording artist Azealia Banks. The piece goes into detail about the limelight that sometimes prevents superstars like herself from being seen as a ‘real person’. This limelight places stars like her in a place where fans may forget that these artists also go through the same day to day struggles as us, as well as some different ones that fans may not be aware of at all. Due to the constant microscope on their daily affairs and pressure to be perfect, as well as constantly pushing out new, riveting work, the burden on these artists is very real. Azealia and the video itself come across as very raw, as you see wide shots of our NYC studio space and the equipment used, while the artist goes into harsh detail about her hardships to find proactive ways to push her mental health forward in a positive way. Her music comes across as very strong and happy, but as stated, she is nothing more than a flawed human like the rest of us. We absolutely love this piece and the new perspective it sheds on not only her life but a lot of entertainment industry big shots lives’. 

In summation, Azealia states “Every day is a difficult time, I’m Azealia Banks.” Thank you to Complex Media for choosing our film production studio, and a big thank you to Azealia for being so honest with the public about such a sensitive subject. We hope each and everyone of you is able to conquer your 2018 resolutions for a better outlook and overall life.

Time Inc. // IKEA

Time Inc came in to produce a series of videos at our video and photo studios for a new line of products from IKEA. Each look was created in our NYC based film studios in 28 minute shots that will be sped up into a stylized hyper lapse to help show their customers different ways to style a bedroom using different variations in our video production studios with their products. This technique was definitely the first we've seen in our photography and video studio rentals. The set was lit with our in house grip and electric film equipment and shot on our camera equipment packages. Nice to see that they were able to achieve this without the use of green screen or CGI. Coming soon!

Time Inc using our film studio/soundstage to shoot a time lapse for IKEA furniture .

Herring & Herring // Metallica

A couple of months back, we were approached by Herring and Herring to shoot a couple of videos for Metallica. They needed a studio to shoot the music videos and the album artwork for their recently released album, "Hardwired...To Self Destruct", their first album to come out in over 8 years. Each song is accompanied by it's own unique music video, which is quite ambitious to say the least. The first one they shot with us is called "Now That We're Dead", which is an epic live video of the band performing in all of their glory against our cyc walls. The second link is for a track called, "Am I Savage?" which is more of a narrative that shows all the possibilities that can be achieved in the right studio setting.  We've had to keep this information to ourselves until now, so we're excited to finally share what we've been up to. Enjoy! 


Sensorium Works // George Saunders // VR Adventures

NYC's very own Sensorium Works came in for a rather extraordinary green screen production, shot entirely in 360 virtual reality for a short film based on writer, George Saunders upcoming novel,  'Lincoln In The Bardo'. Before coming into our photo studio in Brooklyn, their team was out on location at a local graveyard where they shot and mapped out what would the setting for the film with director, Graham Sack. Once in the studio, everything had to be precise so the placement would line up perfectly on green screen. You can tell that this crew was well versed in this process as they certainly made it look easy throughout their few days with us at the studio. Looking forward to see the final product in this interactive film experience.

Iris Media Works

Iris Media Works transformed our studio into a massive set that felt just like home for their commercial for a new independent insurance company. Not sure how they managed to pull off such an intricate build in only a day, but it certainly made for some beautiful shots. Check it out here.


Kafka, the studio pup surveying the scene the night before the shoot.

Kafka, the studio pup surveying the scene the night before the shoot.

Barkbox in the House

Be Electric - We had the joy of hosting Barkbox and their team of furry friends to shoot their promotional campaign. Barkbox is an online service for dog owners that delivers a box of goodies including special treats, toys and care each month based on different themes. Not only did the team have to direct the actors through each scene, but the k-9 talent as well. We've never seen such a well behaved cast. 

Be Electric - Barkbox in the House.JPG

Tru Tv // On set with Victor Cruz

A couple of weeks back, Tru TV came in to shoot a hilarious commercial starring NY Giants very own wide receiver, Victor Cruz and his new line of clothing. This parody loosely based on the Old Navy ads we used to see in the early 00's will be featured on Rachel Dratch's (SNL) comedy show, Late Night Snack. 

Be Electric - Victor Cruz 5.JPG
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PH5 Womenswear Lookbook

Local photographer Conan Thai used our space this weekend to shoot a lookbook for PH5, a contemporary womenswear brand. Conan brought in carpeting and several hand-painted backdrops to get these shots. It's awesome to connect with local creatives and be able to provide them with the space and equipment they need to achieve their vision. We offer 5,000 square feet of workspace, a 40 foot cyclorama, and in-house grip and electric. Beats working out of a studio apartment living room! Be sure to check out Conan's work and PH5's new looks!

Street Dreams Magazine Issue 008 Launch ft. Soulection


We had the pleasure of hosting the launch event for Street Dreams Magazines latest issue 008. The sold out event resembled a gallery opening, showcasing work by photographers featured in the new issue. Soulection turned up the house with special DJ sets.

Street Dreams Magazine is a quarterly photography publication & full service content creation studio focused on building community through showcasing the talents of photographers worldwide.

Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers and programmers worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Soulection curates timeless music from around the world and increases visibility for The Sound Of Tomorrow™ through weekly Soulection Radio broadcasts, traditional releases, live events and curated visuals. As a trusted resource and global platform pushing forward honest music, Soulection aims to inspire a cultural shift in music consumption that values the artistry of music and discovery.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Photographer Brandon Harrison came by for a small test shoot on our BIG cyc! Gotta say, what an interesting look...I've never seen so much white! Looks like they were having fun though. Brandon is also a digital tech and photo assistant. Check out his site!

   Be Electric :: An affordable video, and  photo studio Brooklyn , NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today.   The most versatile  green screen stage rental in Brooklyn .


Be Electric :: An affordable video, and photo studio Brooklyn, NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today. 

The most versatile green screen stage rental in Brooklyn.

Who's Hungry for Dinner (Lab)?

From Dinner Lab's official site: "Dinner Lab is a social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the conventional restaurant experience. Our events bring together a group of interesting strangers around a common table to share cuisine crafted by up-and-coming chefs from all over the country."

It's all that and more. Let me start from the beginning...Here at Be Electric, we prepared for the arrival of the Dinner Lab. A bit of a frenzy is going on between some renovations to the studio and cleaning everything up before Dinner Lab shows up with its crew. Sweeping the floors, painting the cyc, and hanging up artwork. Then Dinner Lab comes in and it's time to arrange tables, chairs, and begin the food prep. It really is a big operation. This goes on for eight days... not that we're complaining! (Thanks again Dinner Lab, for choosing our space for your event!)

After all the preparations, guests start flowing in. At first there is just a few people trickling in, but closer to dinner, there is a line out the door. No doubt the smell of BBQ cooking next to the door has something to do with it. As the guests mingle, they enjoy a cocktail hour before things really get going. On one of the nights, CNBC decided to drop by and do a story on the event adding a whole new level to the excitement.

Everyone is then seated and Dinner Lab describes its mission and introduces the chef of that evening. The food is then brought out course by course, everyone smiling at the culinary journey they are about to go on. Ducking the CNBC video crew, the vibrant aromas, this really was an event to see. So check it out in the pictures below!

   Be Electric :: An affordable video, and  photo studio Brooklyn , NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today.       


Be Electric :: An affordable video, and photo studio Brooklyn, NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today. 



How Bazaar

Photographer Astrid Sterner from Harpers Bazaar dropped by the studio for cool little shoot. A classic feel with modern fashion and make-up is what makes this shoot so special. We hope they all had a great time! Check out some of the behind the scenes shots below, but also check out more of Astrid's beautiful work on tumblr.


Be Electric :: An affordable video, and photo studio Brooklyn, NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today. 

Be Electric Buildout.

Buildout is in full swing, as we prepare for Bushwick Open Studios.

Take a look at some of our progression over the past few weeks here at Be Electric!

Be Electric :: An affordable video, and photo studio Brooklyn, NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today. 

Be Electric 1

The founders of Be Electric Studios, Andy and Joe.

Be Electric 2
Be Electric 3

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Be Electric 4
Be Electric 7
Be Electric 8

Joe and Max begin to install the cyc at Be Electric Studios.

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Be Electric 10
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