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Moxy Hotel // Video Project

Director Coco and Julian Muller came together recently to shoot a wonderful video piece at our sound stages for Moxy Hotels. The behind the scenes photos have been overwhelming gorgeous and color oriented. Moxy had quite the crew come together to make this amazing shoot happen, ranging from celebrity makeup artist Romero Jennings (@romerojennings) who created some  magical looks on model/musican Alix Brown, to Adin Walker's dynamic choreography and movement. The video will be dropping in a few short weeks and we can't wait to show you it!

Until then, feast your eyes upon these amazing pictures and get excited about seeing the end result very soon!




Best of 2017 // Music Video Features

Best of 2017 // Music Video Features

A quick feature on two music videos shot at our studios that made huge leaps and bounds in the music and video world in 2017.

Be Electric Buildout.

Buildout is in full swing, as we prepare for Bushwick Open Studios.

Take a look at some of our progression over the past few weeks here at Be Electric!

Be Electric :: An affordable video, and photo studio Brooklyn, NYC. We are a full service studio with equipment included and many amenities. Check out our site today. 

Be Electric 1

The founders of Be Electric Studios, Andy and Joe.

Be Electric 2
Be Electric 3

1296-98 Willoughby ave, Brooklyn NY, 11237

Be Electric 4
Be Electric 7
Be Electric 8

Joe and Max begin to install the cyc at Be Electric Studios.

Be Electric 9
Be Electric 10
Be Electric 11
Be Electric 12
Be Electric 13