Pepsi Bubbly GIF // Neil Patrick Harris

Recently we had Pepsi at our studios to shoot their new campaign for their new product, Bubly tonic drinks! They did something different this time around--they built a several sets, all to shoot a series of GIF's featuring Neil Patrick Harris. They are hilarious! You can download them to your phone as a set or just choose a few of your favorites. The gifs relate to all and any situations the product might appear in, plus they show you all the new flavors. Check them out at Here are some screenshots to act as previews in the meantime! Thanks for using our studios, Pepsi! We can't wait to try these new bubly waters! So many flavors and colors- oh my! 



Final Product // Lila Music Video

Last month we did a feature on a music video for the group Lila. It was Directed and Produced by Stefano Pennisi, before hand he answered some questions for us regarding the project! He mentioned in his initial interview, "The end result is really something special - You are getting all these mixes of bright florescent colors and different cool looks while still feeling like its part of this black void where everything lives within. I think it's pretty unique and I can't wait to share it with everyone."

Well, the time is up people! The final result is here!  Check out the video, send them your love, and let us know your thoughts!

Thank you to the whole team for using our studios for this awesome project. 

Director / Producer: Stefano Pennisi 

Director of Photography: Bernard Hunt 

Production Designer: Kristen Miller 

Talent: Jon Le Sueur, Eli McDuffee, Robin Owens

Editor: Ryan Ivanoff 


Barkbox in the House

Be Electric - We had the joy of hosting Barkbox and their team of furry friends to shoot their promotional campaign. Barkbox is an online service for dog owners that delivers a box of goodies including special treats, toys and care each month based on different themes. Not only did the team have to direct the actors through each scene, but the k-9 talent as well. We've never seen such a well behaved cast. 

Be Electric - Barkbox in the House.JPG

Bright Light Bright Light Music Video

Earlier this year, Bright Light Bright Light shot several music videos as well as the album artwork for his latest album Choreography. Rod Thomas, the face of BLBL, is a Welsh singer/songwriter delivering vibrant synthpop dance hits such as All In The Name featuring vocals by Elton John. Check out the video below and look forward to more this summer!

It's a Big Hit!! Mihwa Kim - K-Pop Music Video

Hoon Entertainment Inc just released the music video they produced for Korean pop singer Mihwa Kim titled "It's a Big Hit." We had a small crew and about 15-20 dancers in the studio for the day shooting various combinations of choreography. Pretty cool what you can do with some simple lighting and a nice white cyc. They had so much content they made a few versions of the video, check them out below.

Drive-In Music Video

Street level access means more than just a super efficient load-in and load-out. You can drive right onto our Cyc and use the car as a prop. Recently Eleven 7 Music was in the studio shooting a music video for one of their artists new singles set for release next month. The crew brought in a Dodge Challenger which was already pretty cool. Throw in some dancing, a projector, and some fast music and this video was looking pretty hot.

Conceptual Dance Video


brooklyn soundstage - If you made it to Barclay's Center last weekend for Maxwell's Valentines Day concert, you might recognize these dancers. Filmmakers Kristjan Thorgeirsson and Matthew Mendelson were in the studio shooting this beautiful choreography which would be projected as a backdrop at the show. The dancers, Annellyse Munroe and Lloyd Boyd, had great chemistry and were just incredible to watch. Check out some of these shots from behind the scenes!                 

Total Entertainment

Total Entertainment nails it on the head. This video shoot was a blast to watch. Total Entertainment is a group of professional event producers with connections to some really incredible talent. From weddings and bar mitzvahs to social and corporate events, Total Entertainment will make your night unforgettable. 

At Be Electric last week, they were hard at work getting solid footage of some of the amazing live talent they have on their team. It was just about impossible to sit still with all the dance hall covers. Here's a peek at some of the bands they had performing... If you like what you see, Total Entertainment is linked below. 

If you need content as hot at this, we've got a fantastic space and tons of equipment to help you make it happen. Check out more of out site for details and contact us with and questions and ideas you might have! We make an awesome event space too... 5,000 square feet of possibility, an awesome 40'x28' stage space, and from what we heard on set today I can assure you the sound quality is stellar.


At Be Electric we support young talents and have affordable prices for every shoot.

Come shoot with us Brooklyn photo studio.

Begin Transmission: Tim Okamura + Chris Marshall

This weekend, Be Electric Studios hosted a collaborative exhibition and reception titled Begin Transmission. The show was curated by art critic Lori Zimmer and featured work by Tim Okamura and Chris Marshall. Okamura is a contemporary Canadian painter known for his depiction of African-American and minority subjects in urban settings and his unique combination of graffiti and realism. Chris Marshall, an artist based here in Bushwick, creates elaborate abstract sculptures and installations.

The night was not only a celebration of local art and creativity, but an opportunity to explore diversity and social justice, how they relate to each other and current issues. A portion of the proceeds from the event went to Beauty for Freedom, a non-profit organization utilizing the extensive outreach and power of the beauty/fashion industries to raise awareness about fighting human trafficking. 

The opening was a huge success with live music, drinks, a great crowd. Check out some of the shots below from the event; Chris and Tim's work filled up our space beautifully! Please follow the links below to view more of the artists' work and to learn more about Beauty for Freedom.