Pepsi Bubbly GIF // Neil Patrick Harris

Recently we had Pepsi at our studios to shoot their new campaign for their new product, Bubly tonic drinks! They did something different this time around--they built a several sets, all to shoot a series of GIF's featuring Neil Patrick Harris. They are hilarious! You can download them to your phone as a set or just choose a few of your favorites. The gifs relate to all and any situations the product might appear in, plus they show you all the new flavors. Check them out at Here are some screenshots to act as previews in the meantime! Thanks for using our studios, Pepsi! We can't wait to try these new bubly waters! So many flavors and colors- oh my! 



PH5 Womenswear Lookbook

Local photographer Conan Thai used our space this weekend to shoot a lookbook for PH5, a contemporary womenswear brand. Conan brought in carpeting and several hand-painted backdrops to get these shots. It's awesome to connect with local creatives and be able to provide them with the space and equipment they need to achieve their vision. We offer 5,000 square feet of workspace, a 40 foot cyclorama, and in-house grip and electric. Beats working out of a studio apartment living room! Be sure to check out Conan's work and PH5's new looks!