Soundstage north is a huge soundstage with 16,000 square feet of contiguous shooting space, 25' ceilings, 6,000 sq. ft. of scenic/construction space, 4,000 sq. ft. of office space, and a 1,500 sq. ft. cyclorama wall for white or green screen. Located just a quick one hour drive from Manhattan, Soundstage North gives producers the opportunity to get sound proof space for a fraction of the cost of what similar spaces rent for in NYC. 


40% New York State Film Tax Credit!

Soundstage North is a Qualified Production Facility (QPF) which means productions shooting here can qualify for up to a whopping 40% tax credit. This gives further incentive to make the trip up to this stage as QPFs in NYC only garner a 30% credit for productions. We have strategic partnerships with hotels in the area to house your crew at discounted rates and the stage is very close to two major interstate highways making logistics a snap. 

Rock Solid Soundproofing 

If anything, Soundstage North was overbuilt. It has an STC rating of 60 to ensure your production isn't beleaguered by external noise that can cause costly delays. The entire facility has been sprayed with thick layers of open cell sound rated insulation and each entrance to the stage is has a double acoustic rated door with an air gap in between. Your sound crew will be happy and you won't hear anything but the dialogue you are recording. 

Support Space

We know that your team doesn't just need the set and shooting area. Production needs office space to work, set builders need construction space, craft needs space to feed your crew and your talent needs a green room. We have all of it covered with 6,000 sq. ft. of set building space, 4,000 sq. ft. of production offices, HMU areas, green rooms, and a dedicated craft services area.

Floor plan (hi-res version for printing available upon request):