Vogue Beauty Taiwan Brings Color To The Studio

Enrique Vega, fashion and beauty photographer based in NYC, worked with Vogue Taiwan to shoot a cover featuring model Valery Kaufman. The studio was transformed from a blank slate to a office desk set-up with bright pops of color dispersed throughout the desk. The bright and dramatic lighting on the model was perfectly accompanied with florescent and radiant props. Tell us what you think of the shoot below!


Angel Olsen Mesmerizes Us With Her New Single "All Mirrors"

Angel Olsen came by our studios to film her newest mesmerizing single “All Mirrors”. While her visuals are minimalistic and in black and white, her team took us through a hauntingly beautiful experience musically and visually. The song will be a part of her upcoming fourth album “All Mirrors” which will be released on October 4th. Take a look at how her team had transformed the studio to create this gothic and sci-fi styled music video.

Blood Orange's Visuals For "Hope" Leaves Us Breathless

It’s easy to recognize anything that Blood Orange creates visually and musically. In his star-studded video “Hope”, Dev Hynes was the creative genius that directed and edited it, while Elara Pictures (Josh and Benny Safdie’s production company) produced it. The choreography by Emma Portner, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Maggie Rogers, Banks and more. The music video is a mixture of beautiful street and studio shots in 1:1 ratio. It features a choreographed dance that freezes around a grand piano to studio recordings and more. Tell us what you think of the cinematography in the comments!

Verizon Uses Personal Portraits for their Business Ready Campaign

Celebrated portrait and documentary photographer Platon recently used our studios for a series of boldly authentic shots for Verizon’s new Business Ready campaign. Platon was just the man to highlight the importance of Verizon’s services to real industry leaders and their real businesses. The British photographer’s highly textured and no-distraction style resulted in these earnest portraits. The minimalist style used the space brilliantly, with the added help of a clever prop here and there.


Jerry Seinfeld Gives Some Advice to Those He Has Inspired

Jerry Seinfeld has noticed that his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has inspired more than a few similar shows, so he stopped by our studios to give a little humorous advice to his imitators. Netflix has decided to promote the upcoming season of Comedians by showing the hilarious video they and Okay Fine shot in our Studio 2 in Bushwick on their homepage. Jerry has a lot of fun rolling around on our cyc because, as he says, he loves anything with wheels.

It was a lot of fun having a comedy legend work in our studio. Check out the video below!

The Station // Virgin Voyages No-Guilt Mother's Day


What happens when mom goes away on an indulgent (much needed) vacay? Virgin Voyages, with The Station, asked a group of kids and mothers in pursuit of important social clarity to celebrate this past Mother’s Day.

I just want to kick my feet up and have a cocktail,” one mom said.

“When my mom goes away, I’m gonna shave off all my hair,” said one child.

We’re not sure if the content is comforting to vacation hungry moms, but it sure is adorable!

Catch the video below to enjoy this spot created with compassion and humor in our very own Studio 2:

TBD Creative // Nickelodeon & Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


What happens with Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crawl into studio 1? A mess—that’s what.

TBD Creative came by to show off a new line of toys for Nick’s “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” They filmed smashed color-filled balloons, slime nachos, and a whole lotta dripping, oozing, goofy fun.

Enjoy these snaps, or head over to Nickelodeon’s Instagram account to watch the whole messy reel.

As the Turtles might say, it’s “cowabunga on so many levels!”

Hyper FMI // Hulu's "Harlots"


Dark, dramatic days in Studio B this past month, when Anthony Hartman and his HYPER FMI (TBS, VH1, PepsiCo) team were here to film a hybrid shoot for the soon-to-be Season 3 of Hulu’s original series “Harlots.” It’s all buttoned up and top secret (for now!), but we’re excited to share the season 3 teaser as a teaser to the teaser. (Personally, we love the drama!)

City Goal Productions // Live Comfortably Campaign

Pearson Jenks and City Goal Productions came by Studio 1 recently to shoot a new video campaign for Live Comfortably. The results, as you can see, were uncomfortable:

Honestly, the whole thing just made us want to go to sleep:

Still, we had a blast hosting them — and we hope they return soon (perhaps with something a little less…soft, warm, relaxing, and…zzzz…sorry, what was I saying??)

Thanks for coming by City Goat!

Check out more work from the City Goat team at citygoat.video.

Salt Cathedral // Music Video


New York-based Colombian duo Salt Cathedral (Juliana Ronderos & Nicolas Losada) came by Be Electric to film the video for their new single, “Go and Get it” (feat. Big Freedia & Jarina DeMarco).

The video’s bright colors, pleasure-blasted costumes, and snappy choreography mimics the intense electro-latin beats that define Salt Catherdra’s sound.

Directed by Susan O'Brien and produced by Dasha Kova, it feels both fresh and retro, original and self-referential. Not to mention that it’s as catchy as summer jams get.

Check it out, and then explore more from Salt Cathedral at the links below:

Paper Mag // Conan Gray Profile

When Paper comes to town, it’s not without fanfare.

Ryan Duff and the Paper Mag team came by recently to shoot portraits of "Gen Z vlogging sensation and venue-packing pop powerhouse" Conan Grey. 

All photos copyright Ryan Duff and Paper Mag

All photos copyright Ryan Duff and Paper Mag

The article brings to life this talented pop sensation. But where it really shines (in our not-so-humble opinion), is in showing off the magnetic portrait photography of Ryan Duff.


Standing, sitting, smiling, b&w and more — these shots are as fresh and charming as the man himself.

The article explores Gray’s process, inspiration, and artistic ethos, and does so with its own artistic contribution to his image.

As Gray says in the piece: "Writing, for me, was my only real way of speaking what I was thinking, and all of the emotions that I had, into existence."


We’re glad they brought this into existence, too!

Don’t miss this feature!

The UPS Store // "The Act of _Ing" Campaign


If you watched the Superbowl this year (and statistically speaking, if you’re American, you probably did) then you saw the UPS Store debut their “Act of _Ing” videos.

The series, most of which was filmed in our Studio 3, was conceived and created by Pig Apple, a production house specializing in comedic content. And yes, they are funny.

The videos, directed by Trevor Williams, produced by Lauren Greenhall, and with Paul Rondeau as DP, are “mock” auditions and audaciously absurd comedic interviews (think: Spinal Tap meets “Parks and Rec”). According to Williams, they needed the “gravitas of a serious commercial production” — which is what brought them to Be Electric. (We’re very serious.)

The “large, professional-looking studio with a large cyc” which we call Studio 3, and his favorite piece of equipment (which we supply), the beloved RED Dragon, did the trick.

And the result? Our blushing pride aside, the videos are hilarious: don’t miss a peek.

Jihye & Kahli Abdu // Music Video


We at Be Electric pride ourselves on having the ideal studios for filming and producing music videos. And this masterwork, produced and directed by Jihye Ku, is no exception.

Created for the track “Wind It” off Kahli Abdu’s new album “Book of Solomon,” the alluring video casts fresh eyes on the familiar characters of the Bible, depicting Eve as a rhythmically gifted dancer with hips for miles. The result is a stylish exploration of rhythm, temptation, and the sensuality of heavenly movement. 

We recommend you enjoy this masterwork only if you’re ready to dance (or tap, or sing) along.

Photogenia // Short Film

Screenshot 2019-01-07 21.09.51.png

Writer/director Brendan Sweeny, whose first film—“Era Apocrypha”—took a nomination for Best Short Film at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in 2014, spent two days at Be Electric this past November to film his second short, “Photogenia.” With seven actors and a six-person crew, Brooklyn-based Sweeny took advantage of the Be Electric to create a 30-minute film with the intimacy of a stage play and depth of a novella.

Told in three asymmetrical chapters, the film is a multi-character mosaic of intertwined lives, centering around three people who find themselves inside of a photo studio on the same day while they wrestle with the events that brought them there. What emerges is a meditation on fate and consequence, and one that points a flood light into the darkest corners of the human experience.


We spoke to Sweeny two days before Christmas, as he was taking a short break before ramping up festival submissions to get the new work in front of audiences worldwide.

Tell us about your film. How did it come about? What inspired its creation?

After my last fim, Era Apocrypha, aired in Venice and was shown around the world, I was excited to return to the short form, but wanted to do something in a new vein—something more contained, but also more open. I liked the idea of experimenting with long takes and seeing the tension that unfolds when you present characters in front of that unblinking eye. In addition, I wanted to make something that was open to interpretation—not super abstract, but more of a rorschach so that each viewer would be invited to make it their own, to experience it in their own way. I liked the idea that everyone would be watching the same film, but everyone would tie it together in their own way. Really what I wanted to strive for was for the film to be an individual experience—and feel we’ve really achieved that.

How and why did you use Be Electric’s space to bring this vision to life?

First off it was so easy. Basically, because they are a rental house, we were able to rent almost all of our equipment from Be Electric—it was all there waiting for us on the day we began shooting. Not only that, but they were super helpful, responsive, and enthusiastic that we were shooting with them. It was like they were fans as well. Also, as most of our cast was Brooklyn based (as am I), the location was convenient. I mean, being able jump on the subway and show up with essentially a backpack and get started—any time you can do that, it’s a dream. And it’s a beautiful space, too; versatile, clean, basically soundproof. For this kind project, where we filmed what amounted to one static shot of a photo studio, being at Be Electric reduced a number of challenges we might otherwise have faced so we could get to work with the project of filming from go.

What’s next for you and the Photogenia team? And will you be back to film at Be Electric soon?

We finished the film mid-November and slowed down for the holiday season. But in early 2019 we’ll figure out what the festival presence will be like. We did a private showing at a friend’s place the other night—they have a projector—and it really lends itself to being on a large screen. So we really hope it gets to travel and be shown in front of audiences that way. Because the film does have similarity to a play—people coming into and out of the frame, people off screen interacting with each monologue—replicating that theatrical experience will make it more impactful. That’ll be our next focus: giving it as large and as long of a life as possible! And yes—we’ll be back to Be Electric! I’m really excited to work with them again. My next film is still in the writing stages. All I know is it’s going to be something quite different, so we’ll see. Or should I say we’ll be in touch soon!

Screenshot 2019-01-07 20.57.49.png

Be Electric // Holiday Party Photos

🎉 Thanks for celebrating another incredible year with us! 🎉

This year’s party was the best yet! 

This was the first party we’ve hosted at Studios 3 & 4  which we opened one year ago.

The event was co-produced by us and our friends over at Video Consortium, and it was a great mix of the two communities. 

The event featured projections of recent work on two of our cycs, a dance party, open bar and great food, a photo booth, and a raffle of all kinds of fantastic prizes. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate another amazing year together– we had a blast with you!

XNINE Wu Jiacheng // Music Video

This rad video came out recently featuring rising Chinese pop artist, XNINE Wu Jiacheng (X玖少年团 伍嘉成). Our Studio 2 stage was transferred into a fun stage for XNINE and his dancers to groove to his new hit. The song is extremely catchy and had us peeking into the studio to watch the dancers nail every beat.

The stage itself makes you want to grab your closest friends, head to a roller rink, and spin under a disco ball. Kudos to this team for putting together a music video that really captures your attention!


Director: Zexi Qi

Director of Photography: Jon Gourlay

Producer: Dalong Yang

Stylist: Roderick Hawthorne

Set Designer: Tim Ferro

Shot at Be Electric Studios, Studio 2

Bill Nye // Vice

Bill Nye for i-D

A few months ago, we had the one and only Bill Nye in our studios to photograph in prep for an interview with Stephanie LaCava. The interview released on Vice’s i-D last week and we are loving the message. In the article, Bill discusses how space affects us on on earth a daily even when we don’t realize it! Bill explains it as “When the weather report is off 15 minutes, people start complaining, because we get all this weather information, communications, data transfers, from satellites. We depend on space.”

The iconic figure to our culture further discusses the US’ role in space exploration and why investing in science is crucial to such a matter. Furthermore, the interview moves on to highlight the anti-science movement that has been occurring in the US today.

In reading his interview, Bill seemed rather upbeat in what he had to say in his interview. Even when asked about an article released on NYT, he responded that he hadn’t seen it, but later emailed his response! The way that he follows through 100% is something that inspires us greatly and is just one of many reasons why we were so stoked to have him in our studios.

The photos taken by Katie McCurdy turned out great! Check out some of our favorites, below and let us know which one is your favorite of this ultra rad science guy.


Photographer: Katie McCurdy

Stylist: Shibon Kennedy

Grooming: Dana Boyer @ Art Department

Photographers Assistant: Meghan Marin

Shot at Be Electric Studios

Bill Nye for Vice.jpg

BMW // Critical Mass // Nonotak Studio

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 6.25.47 PM.png

A few weeks ago, we had BMW in our studios for their latest ad campaign produced by Critical Mass Agency and lit by the amazing Nonotak Studio. Nonotak is a mind-blowing audio visual company from Paris/Tokyo who specialize in light installations for concerts, brands, and more! Their designs are awe-inspiring if you ask us and absolutely perfect for showcasing this sweet BMW.

For this spot, the BMW was parked in our drive-in capable Studio 2. Complete with projections, haze, and Quasar lighting technologies, the results are ultra sleek. With the audio mixing and visual art, the results are stunning. 

Check out the final product on Facebook and let us know what you think! 

Noemi Schipper of NONOTAK visits Be Electric Studios for their collab with BMW. Credit: @nonotakstudio on Instagram

Noemi Schipper of NONOTAK visits Be Electric Studios for their collab with BMW. Credit: @nonotakstudio on Instagram


Producer: Josie Van Der Velden // Director: Sean Edwards // Director of Photography: Tom Kucy // Audio Engineer: Rob Corso // Key Gaffer: Milton De La Cruz // Key Grip: John Hudak // Swing: Maxime Rakam // Overnight Swing: Hadrien Gass Produced by Critical Mass. 


Parquet Courts // Music Video

Our good friends over at Neighborhood Watch were in our studios recently to shoot a music video for Parquet Courts. As always, their videos pack the elements of fun and curiosity that has the viewers wanting more.

Directed by Claes Nordwall, the video for "Freebird II" was released on Youtube yesterday and has already garnered 10k views. The song itself is a groovy summer anthem perfect for that Brooklyn rooftop hang with friends. Just imagine sitting on your roof staring at the city while listening to these dudes jam this song.

Absolute magic. 

The video itself was shot by Zach Stoltzfus (DP) with Jesse Sanchez-Strauss as his 1st AC and Riede Dervay as the 2nd AC. It packs the elements that you'd expect from a Parquet Courts music video while keeping things simple and, of course, fun. 

Give the video a watch and let us know what you think! 



Director: Claes Nordwall

Producers: Brittany Reeber and David Yoonha-Park // Executive Producers: Richard Peete and Traci Carlson DP: Zach Stoltzfus // 1ST AC: Jesse Sanchez-Strauss // Loader/2nd AC: Riede Dervay // Production Designer: Beau Tepper / Stylist: Joshua Hurt / Hair & Make Up: Amanda Moore / Colourist: Alex Gregory / Choreographer: Juri Onuki /  / Gaffer: Gregory Stout / Key grip: Andrea Bogioli / Prop Stylist: Noah Shaye / PA: Jeannine Ortiz / Stylist Assist: Nancy Santiago / Prod. Assistant: Jack Leahy / Prod. Assistant: Lily Reszi Rothman / Prod. Assistant: Elena Brosseau