Be Electric is a Level 2 Qualified Production Facility that participates in the New York Film Production Tax Credit program with 9 soundstages to choose from. Our stages are all sound proof with sound insulated walls, sound insulated doors as well as noise reduction paneling both above the cycs and around the spaces for acoustic treatment.

For any size film / video productions looking to roll sound, We have multiple options for side by side soundstage studios that can be rented independently or in tandem. With 46,000 sq ft of production space, sound isolated green rooms, plenty of three phase electricity, full lighting grids, and a full-service equipment rental department, our studio is an ideal choice for producers looking for an affordable soundstage option in Brooklyn, NYC. 


We have 9 different sound stages which offers many solutions for your shoot! From shoots with kids to recording multiple interview set-ups, our sound stages offer a great solution to ensuring you don’t have to pause for sound.

All our stages have been sound tested and meet an NC 30 rating or better. No more sending production on a wild goose hunt for that truck beeping 4 blocks over. Your sound department, 1st AD, and editors will thank you later.

Curious? Reach out to us and we can answer any questions you have and are more than happy to show you around!