Be Electric has four soundstages with sound insulated walls and huge elephant sound insulated doors with noise reduction paneling both above the cycs and around the spaces for acoustic treatment.

For any size film / video productions looking to roll sound, Studios 1 & 2 provide two side by side soundstage studios that can be rented independently or in tandem. With 7500 sq. feet of usable client work space, sound isolated green rooms, plenty of three phase electricity, a full lighting grid and a full-service equipment rental department, our studio is an ideal choice for producers looking for an affordable soundstage option in Brooklyn, NYC. 


Conveniently located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Studios 3 & 4 come equipped with large cycloramas, 600amps of electricity each, with lighting grids above. Studio 3 is our dedicated green screen studio and has a three wall 180 degree cyc, perfect for CGI effects and virtual reality shoots. Studio 4 is our white cyc, and has a two wall L shaped cyclorama. Both studios can come pre-lit upon request and are fully sound insulated, with a total of 4000 square feet of usable space.