Need to shoot in three stages in one day?  We can provide the space and coordinate the locations for you. We have a variety of unique studios that are suited to a wide breadth of production types. Require multiple 12k tungstens and a 5 ton grip and electric package? Not a problem. Need to go all Kino, HMI or specialty LED lighting? How about Briese? We have or can source it all for you. Need a last minute Alexa camera package with a set of Master Prime lenses? You got it. Need breakfast and lunch for 100 people and not enough time to make it happen? We have catering partners to wow your clients with and keep your crew fed. Have a last minute location shoot that you need a full G&E list and generator delivered to? We’ve got you covered. Need to make sure there is a stage hand available to help ensure the success of your project? We provide one with every shoot. We go all out to ensure every shoot is a success.

BTS of Dark and Lovely commercial by Tag Creative shot at Be Electric.

BTS of Dark and Lovely commercial by Tag Creative shot at Be Electric.

We have a roster of photo and video production services that will cover some or all of your needs!

Film stages and photo studios: We have a variety of production studios ranging from large soundstages with white or green screen cycloramas. lighting grids and three phase power to intimate photo studio lofts. Some of our spaces have kitchens and come set dressed and ready to shoot, so you don’t have to spend money on prop rental and organize expensive transport for large items like couches and kitchen islands. 

Lighting: We have a large inventory of the full range of tungsten, HMI, Kino, and LED lights. We also carry the full line of Profoto strobes and modifiers. We can source for you at competitive rates any specialty lighting you need like Briese or plasma lights.

Grip and Electric: We have it all. A 10 ton G&E package lives in-house. We have a well staffed and fully stocked grip room, so you won’t have to send someone from your crew out or pay for costly deliveries if you encounter additional equipment needs while shooting. 

Camera Packages: We have Alexa, RED and Canon camera packages, with a full line of lenses, support and stabilization options. Your AC can come the day before for camera check out to make sure you have everything you need.

Dolly: We have everything from Dana to Doorway to Fisher dollys.

Cyclorama Painting: We can paint any of our cycloramas for green screen or any other color you request if you provide us with a color sample. 

Pre-light services: We can consult with your DP or gaffer and rig your lighting on any of our stages to your specs in advance of your shoot to save you valuable time on shoot day and help with your budget.

Location Shoots: We are a full service equipment rental house for in-studio or location shoots. We can deliver your lighting / G&E order to anywhere in the NYC metro area.

Truck Packages: Prefer to order your grip and electric as a package so you know you’re covered? We have 1 ton to 10 ton G&E truck packages, and can staff drivers, swings or additional crew members to help out on your shoot.

Generator Rental: We have everything from 2000 watt to 1200amp generators and can deliver them to wherever you need to provide additional power for your shoot.

Vehicle Rental: We have vehicle rental partners and can source any vehicle you need, from a Sprinter to a 24’ cube truck, pack it full of every thing you need for your shoot, and have it ready for pick up at our studios to take anywhere. No need to spend your precious time locating everything and paying crew fees to drive around picking it all up. 

Production Supplies: We’ve got you covered. Folding tables, chairs, steamers, racks, hangers, ironing boards/irons, directors chairs, fans, hazers and fog machines, mirrors, hmu stations- we can provide it all, including setting up a whole production office for you or video village complete with furniture!

Expendables: We have every standard gel and can source rare and specialty items as well. We sell them by the foot so you don't have to pay for what you don't use. We also carry just about every kind of tape out there, along with all the usual suspects like black wrap, sash cord, seamless paper, foamcore, bead board or duvateen to name a few. No order is too large or small- if it exists we either have it or will source it for you.

Catering: We all need to eat, and making sure that your crew/clients have nourishment on long shoots is the last thing you should have to worry about. We have well developed relationships with several experienced catering companies and can provide breakfast, lunch or even dinner for as many people as you have. Just let us know your food preferences and how many people and we’ll take care of the rest.

Crew: We’ve had thousands of shoots come through our studios, and in the process of hosting some of the most talented people in the industry, we’ve developed relationships with some of the best of NYCs hard working production people. We can source a PA, Grip, Gaffer, or even a DP or Director for you. We can provide just one fill in person or staff your whole shoot. 


Finished product: Dark and Lovely commercial shot at Be Electric.