High Ceiling Double Cyclorama Studio

If you need high ceilings for your next shoot, this stage is your solution. It has 25’ ceilings and two cycloramas that can be used separately or in tandem. From commercials and music videos to vehicle shoots, this studio works for a wide variety of diverse production needs. This stage has secure access with two separate drive-in roll gates for easy load in. Conveniently located in Bushwick, Brooklyn near the L train.




  • 5000 square feet

  • 2 cycloramas, both 36’ W x 25’ D

  • 25’ ceilings

  • Lighting grid above both cycloramas

  • 600 amps of electricity

  • Two drive in gates, drive on cycloramas

  • 150/50 high speed internet



HMU & Client Lounge

  • Hair and makeup suite

  • 2 private bathrooms

  • VIP client lounge

  • Mezzanine area, watch the shoot from above


Shootable Kitchen

  • Newly renovated kitchen area

  • Perfect for cooking shows

  • Great catering and craft services area

Floor Plan