If you need high ceilings for your next shoot, this stage is your solution. It provides a dynamic cyclorama studio for photo or video shoots. From green screen to look books, commercials and music videos, this studio works for a wide variety of diverse production needs. In-house rental equipment means you won't have to look anywhere else. This stage has secure access with a loading dock for easy load in. Conveniently located in Bushwick, Brooklyn near the L train.

High Ceiling Cyc Stage.jpg


High Ceiling Cyc Studio is 2,000 square feet with a loading dock. It comes with a huge all white cyclorama that is 24' wide x 20' high x 30' deep. Full control of light with no natural light disturbance. The stage is equipped with 300 amps of electricity delivered through Cam-Lok drops. Comes with powerful central heat and air conditioning for crew and client comfort.


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HMU & Wardrobe

HMU stations come with 3 professional stations, equipped with styling chairs and a 14' wide mirror with vanity lights attached. Plenty of extra outlets for your team to power up during hectic shoots. Fast WiFi to keep you connected from start to wrap. There is a private fitting room right behind the HMU stations equipped with a 8x10 mirror and a built in closet. 

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Prep / Build Room / Shower

Our prep/build room located adjacent to the cyclorama is a spacious area to build your set, to hold talent, props or gear for your shoot. It also gives quick access the loading dock if you need to load in or load out while shooting. There is a full bathroom located in the prep room complete with a shower. 

Floor Plan