What is a Qualified Production Facility?

Have a production and would like to receive the New York State Film Tax Credit? Be Electric Studios is now a Qualified Production Facility (“QPF”) fulfilling all the guidelines required to net your production this coveted tax break.



Is my production eligible for the tax credit?

This is the 30% question. The guidelines can seem obscure, so here’s a bit of a guideline to see if your production qualifies!

Your production must be a:

  • feature film

  • episodic television series

  • television pilot or presentation

  • television movies and miniseries.

What else is needed to qualify?

  • If the budget of your production exceeds $15 million or is produced by a publicly traded company, then you must shoot 10% of the principal photography in a Qualified Production Facility in New York.

  • Likewise, if your project is independently produced (or has a budget under $15 million), then you must shoot at least one full day of principal photography in a New York State Qualified Production Facilities to qualify for the film tax credit.

  • Finally, TV pilots must also shoot one principal photography day at a New York State QPF, and 75% or more of total expenses—excluding post-production—must relate to work shot at a QPF.

More questions? Head over to the New York State Film Tax Credit office and run your numbers through the Budget Cost Qualifier.


Why Be Electric?

With multiple studios that qualify for the NYS Film Tax Credit, massive sound-insulated elephant doors to protect your shoot from street noise, and a responsive expert support staff (including producers, directors and a variety of gear experts), Be Electric can not only help you determine whether you qualify for the NYS film tax credit, but also is a flexible, full-capacity choice for all your production needs -- all within the New York City limits.