Profoto Pro Box


Profoto Pro Box


As a product photographer, you need to be in absolute control of the highlights. 

The ProBox is designed to make this task easier. Unlike a softbox, where you have a large light source with a gradual fall-off and soft edges, the ProBox gives you a smaller, perfectly even edge-to-edge light surface with razor sharp edges.

  • Creates a flat surface with perfectly even illumination.
  • Small and lightweight (20 x 30 cm/8 x 12”)
  • Several ProBoxes can be stacked together to create a larger light surface.
  • Works with up to 250 W modeling light.

 To prevent overheating:

  • Max energy: 1200Ws
  • Max mod. light 250w
  • Let the boxlight cool down after 50 continuous flashes
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