Profoto Pro Bi Tube Head 7/8

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Profoto Bi Tube.jpg

Profoto Pro Bi Tube Head 7/8


The ProTwin is a single head with two plugs and two flash tubes. Connect both plugs to one generator and halve the flash duration. Connect each plug to separate generators and get twice as much power or twice as fast recycling time.

Specifications – ProTwin 

Flash capacity:9600 Ws

Modeling light:500 W

Flash tube2 uncoated flash tubes

Output 2400 Ws:

f-stop at 2 m @ head settings

Magnum Reflector @ 8:128.3

Zoom Reflector @ 4:64.3

White Umbrella @ 7:32.3

Magnum + Twin + 2 Gen:180.3*

Glass cover:Frosted UV-coated, 100 mm


Cable length:4.5 m





10 cm

4 inch


28 cm depth

11 inch

Weight:2.5 kg
5.5 lbs

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 Profoto Pro 7 Bi Tube Twin Flash  Flash Head