Profoto Pro 7 B3 Air S 1200 w/s Outfit


Profoto Pro 7 B3 Air S 1200 w/s Outfit


The popular Pro-B3 battery generator provides fast recycling, action freezing flash durations and yet unbeaten battery capacity. In addition, the Pro-B3 is one of the most durable battery packs on the market, and its reliability has been proved over and over again during the years that it has been a firm favorite at rental studios worldwide.

The LiFe battery’s huge capacity allows for extensive shoots on location.

  • The LiFe battery probably offers the longest battery lifetime on the market.
  • Fast recycling guarantees that you will never miss that perfect moment, waiting for the flash.
  • Action freezing flash durations even at full power to provide razor sharp exposures with minimal motion blur.
  • Unrivalled reliability, proven through years of heavy-duty use in rentals worldwide.
  • Two asymmetric lamp outlets and 8 f-stop power range results in an easy and versatile setup.
  • The 250 W modeling light makes it easy to set the light.
  • Wireless sync with the Air system.
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