Profoto Pro 7 B3 1200 Air S


Profoto Pro 7 B3 1200 Air S


•  Fast recycling times: 0.06-1.8 s
•  Short flash duration: 1/2200-1/7400 s with standardPro-B head and ProHead
•  High capacity: 300 flashes at full power and more than30.000 flashes at lowest power
•  Low weight: Just 8,8 kg (19 lb) incl. battery
•  Compact and handy: (w) 17 x (d) 24 x (h) 28 cm(6.7x9.4x11 in) incl. handle
•  Wide power range: 8 f-stops (1200-9 Ws)
•  Integrated radio sync: Profoto AirS module with up to 300 m operating range, sync times down to 1/1500 s. The antenna isintegrated in the module
•  Long battery life: Advanced LiFe battery with 1200 charge cycles  
•  Improved lamp sockets: Safe and secure connection, allowing “hot-plugging”
•  Bright model light:  250 W model light with standard Pro-Head’s even in battery operation

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