Profoto 7A 1200 w/s Power Pack


Profoto 7A 1200 w/s Power Pack


Pro 7A 1200 WS Power Pack


  • Super-fast recycling time from 0.08–0.7 s
  • Ultra-short flash durations from 1/2.200–1/12.000 s
  • Consistent color temperature and exposure level at all power settings
  • 6 f-stop range in 1/3 and 1/6 step increments with two ergonomic dial controls
  • Heavy duty, ergonomic design
  • Self seeking auto multi-voltage with all AC voltages between 90–260 V, 50–60 Hz
  • Symmetrical/asymmetrical light distribution to three lamphead outlets


Pro-7a offers action stopping short flash durations and super fast recycling for any type of application, including day after day of demanding fashion shooting sessions. And always with Profoto’s renowned system of modular light shaping tools at hand. Pro-7a generators offer flexibility and control for photographers who require the finest quality of light in a performance powerpack.

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