Brooklyn Loft Apartment

Brooklyn loft apartment is used for kitchen video shoots or TV shows looking for a pre-dressed loft apartment film location or kitchen photo studio rental in Brooklyn. Fully furnished apartment sets, designed to replicate the look and feel of a stylish Brooklyn loft space. Equipped with clean, modern living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and are perfect for photographers, directors and DPs looking for pre-built set locations.


Loft Apartment

This space has a classic Brooklyn loft look with large 2 huge south and 4 west facing windows for incredible natural light with great views of Manhattan, making it an excellent, film friendly location in NYC. It also has its own 4×6 balcony. It is approximately 30′ x 35′ (or 1050 square feet) with 12′ ceilings. Fully furnished apartment & set dressed. The loft also come with blazing fast 100MB Wifi. Located One Block From The Jefferson L Train.



Loft Kitchen

There is a full kitchen and an impressive 12′ granite kitchen island which makes it a great food photography studio. It’s also great for holding, catering, food photography, and cooking shows. It’s a perfect kitchen film set, making it an excellent, film friendly location in NYC.


Photo Studio Loft & Brooklyn Loft Apartment

Photo Studio Loft is directly adjacent to Brooklyn Loft Apartment, and has a door that connects the studios to create a 2000+ Sq Foot facility, ideal for large-scale video and photo productions! For television and advertising rates please contact us. Discounts available for booking both studios or for multi-day shoots!