Our main stage is conveniently located in Bushwick, Brooklyn one block from the L train, with easy access to Manhattan, JFK and LGA. The neighborhood is filled with great restaurants cafes and bars, and is always buzzing with creative activity. Our main stage is one private studio that you will have exclusive access to for your shoot, no sharing with other productions. You are welcome to pull your vehicle into our loading area and park inside during your shoot, and there is also free on street parking available on our block. 


Huge Cyclorama

Our main stage cyc is L shaped and 40'x28' with a full lighting grid. It has street level access through a 12'x12' roll gate, you can drive directly on to the stage. It is perfect for car shoots, or any large production requiring a cyclorama. It can be painted for green screen or your choice of color, simply provide us with a color sample.  The stage has 900amps of electricity delivered through Cam-Lok drops, enough for heavy lighting setups. 


On-Site Grip and Electric

Our main stage comes with a fully stocked G&E room, eliminating the need for costly deliveries. We also have production supplies, expendables, RED and Alexa camera packages. We have your team covered for any last minute needs. There is always a helpful and knowledgeable stage manager at your service for the entirety of your shoot. 


Client Lounge and Green Room

Our main stage is equipped with a client lounge and a lofted green room. We have blazing fast 150/150mb Fios Internet to keep you connected, making large uploads and live streaming a snap. Our main stage is also equipped with an hair and make up area and all the goodies, mirrors, clothing racks steamers and any other production supplies that your shoot requires.