Be Electric's main stage has one of New York's largest green screen studios with a 40'x28' L shaped cyc with pre-lighting packages available. On our other stages, any of our cycloramas can be painted for green screen studio rental NYC, and for smaller shoots we can rig any size green screen rag for you. We are home to many production companies, agencies, directors and producers and have hosted green screen shoots for interviews, commercials, webisodes, TV shows, feature films and music videos.

We are also a full service equipment rental house and have everything you need for your shoot on-site. We have a 10 ton grip and electric package, with a full range of tungsten, Kino, HMI and LED lights as well as RED and Alexa camera packages. No need to pay for costly deliveries or have your shoot delayed because an order wasn't fulfilled properly, everything you need is in-house. We carry all the usual suspects for expendables and production supplies and can also handle catering to keep your crew well fed. You can also hire our people to staff your shoot. We have a tight trusted network of directors, DPs, producers, gaffers, grips and PAs who work on our stages regularly that we can book for you. Need help putting together a lighting list? We have gaffers experienced with green screen shoots that we can recommend who can assist you. Our in-house lighting techs also can pre-light the stage to your specs saving you several costly crew hours. We are here as a full service support resource for your shoot and we will work along side you to make sure your shoot is s success from pre-production all the way to wrap.

Behind the scenes : Mizuno Wave video with heavy CGI shot entirely in our green screen studio.

Behind the scenes: Mizuno Wave video with heavy CGI shot entirely in our green screen studio.


Our green screen cyclorama is perfect for full body, several talent chroma key greenscreen shoots, with plenty of depth to reduce green spill. There is width to support 40′ walking shots, and 75’ of shooting depth from the back of the cyc wall.  Need the stage painted for blue screen or another color? Send us your paint color sample and we can match it and have the cyc painted any color you require in advance of your shoot. There is a full lighting grid constructed of schedule 40 black pipe above the cyc that can handle infinite lighting positions, along with sound panels to help with acoustics.

Finished Product: Mizuno Wave video shot on our chroma key greenscreen cyclorama with incredible cgi.