Glam Shoot // Winky Lux

Recently,  Winky Lux, the indie beauty brand based out of the Lower East Side, here in NYC, had their second shoot in our studios with photographer Matt Coch. They had a furry pal to help market their new launch of the 'Kitten Palette.' We had a quick chat with the creative director, Kate Fernandez about the magic that went in to bringing this campaign to life. 

1. What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?

Kate: Introducing the Kitten Palette - super luxe, super fabulous, super pink. 

2. What was your favorite part of the production?

Kate: Definitely our cat model Dahlia -- the cat had to listen to classical music to get in the zone!

3. Go to equipment or camera for this project?

Kate: Matt shoots with a Canon 1DS. We used the lighting available to us from the studio as well as a pink seamless you had available.

Now for the fun part- check out the the star kitty & some BTS shots!


Music Video // Lila

Recently we had Stefano Pennisi and his crew shooting music video’s for the band Lila. Stefano got back to with us with some pretty amazing details on the whole production. Check out these killer BTS photos and keep reading to be completely amazed by the art that went into this project.      



1. What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?


“We've been in the process of making a series of different music videos for the North Carolina native Hip-Folk band 'LiLa'. Their new album, 'V',  is something really special and each song, while feeling like they belong together on the same album, feels entirely different from one another. We've made some videos that feel very raw and stripped down, and some that feel like cleaner big budget productions. 


For this particular project, we wanted the video to stand out above the rest as their most flashy and stylized. This is for their upcoming single, "Oasis..." so we really wanted it to be cool and sharable. I want people to watch this video and send it to their friend and say "You have to check this out". 


What we decided to do was to create this entire black space and film it in a way that made it seem like our characters were living in this black void. It's pure darkness, but our characters are these sources of light that keep flashing on the screen with the music. We also wanted it to have somewhat of a retro - vibe to match the song, so we pretty quickly decided to use multi-colored florescent lights as the only source of light. 


The band is made up of two members - Jon Le Sueur (Jla) and Eli McDuffee, who together write, produce, and preform all the music. In this particular song they are singing about girls and the games they can play when dating. We decided to include a model (Robin Owens) in the video to represent the girls they are singing about and then the video really came together. We decided that we would assign a different color to each one of them. Jla would be red, Eli would be blue, and the girl would be pink/purple - a mix of their two colors. 


While we wanted to live in this black space, we still wanted it to feel like a classic music video at times, so we decided to have the lights play in our master shot and have them suspended behind our talent as a back light. This looks really grounds the video as a music video while allowing the rest of the aesthetic to have more context. 


The end result is really something special - You are getting all these mixes of bright florescent colors and different cool looks while still feeling like its part of this black void where everything lives within. I think it's pretty unique and I can't wait to share it with everyone.”


2. What was your favorite part of the production?


“Well obviously working at Be Electric was a great part of the production. When trying to come up with the initial creative idea for this video, the first thing we all decided on was that we wanted it to be a studio shoot. We wanted to make sure we could have full control of the set and keep it very self contained. We spent a long time trying to find the right studio space that was flexible and willing to work with us, and once I went and scouted to Be Electric studio space, I knew it was where we wanted to shoot. 


The studio space was perfect and your team was very helpful and adaptable to our needs. We were able to have our privacy and do our thing, but you were also available whenever we needed anything. You guys really were flexible and willing to work with us and that made a huge difference. I remember when we finally showed up to set, we realized we needed extra equipment / gear and you had it dropped off and delivered within 20 minutes. It was awesome.”


3. Go to equipment or camera for this project?


“For camera equipment we used a RED camera with a Helium sensor, but we never shot higher than 6K. We just kept the camera on a tripod at all times and moved it closer to set for each new lighting set up. 


For lenses we actually just used Canon series primes. We thought because of what we were capturing and how self contained everything was going to be, they would do the trick. 


For lighting we only used Asteria Pixel Tubes. These things are awesome and I think everyone should use them at some point. We had about 10 of them all synced up to an tablet and could control them all at once, individually, or in any combination. The tablet allows you to change them to any color on the spectrum as well as endless strobing / flashing combinations.  We hung them from the ceiling with fishing line as well as used c-stands and clamps to position them however we needed. 


To completely black out the space, we decided to build an enclosure out of 20x20 solids. We used 4 total - three for the side and back walls and the fourth for the floor. We just used some strong zip ties to hang them from the ceiling and sand bags on the floor to hold them in place. 



All in all it was an incredible shoot and we're all very excited about it. We're finishing up the post - production right now and it should be released sometime in mid - late March.”


Thank you to the whole crew for choosing our studios for such an exciting project! When the finished products are dropped we will be posting them to our Instagram- don’t forget to check back in!


Alexander Watches' // BTS

Fernando Martinez is a media creative that helped put together the Alexander Watch Commercial, which was recently shot at our studios. His BTS photos first caught our attention due to their simplicity and cleanliness showing off our space. The beauty of the art direction for the project was also something we loved. We asked him a few questions regarding the production at our studio space.. The finalized product has yet to hit the air but we have the behind the scenes photos for you in the meantime.. Enjoy!

1. What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?

-Our Director Sal D'alia aimed to represent characteristics of elegance and precision through a dancer was the goal for Alexander Watches' Branding Commercial.


2. What was your favorite part of the production?

-Working with a great crew.


3. Go to equipment or camera for this project?

Alexa Mini on a Triangle Jib.


Check out more of his work at:


Azaelia Banks // Complex Media

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 5.49.10 PM.png

Complex Media Presents

Azealia Banks

As is tradition, when a new year comes, new resolutions do too. Many resolutions have to do with working out more or eating healthier, all of which in turn help with one's overall mental health. With these thoughts in mind we wanted to highlight a recent project shot by Complex Media at our stages. The video is an eight minute introspective on the world-renowned recording artist Azealia Banks. The piece goes into detail about the limelight that sometimes prevents superstars like herself from being seen as a ‘real person’. This limelight places stars like her in a place where fans may forget that these artists also go through the same day to day struggles as us, as well as some different ones that fans may not be aware of at all. Due to the constant microscope on their daily affairs and pressure to be perfect, as well as constantly pushing out new, riveting work, the burden on these artists is very real. Azealia and the video itself come across as very raw, as you see wide shots of our NYC studio space and the equipment used, while the artist goes into harsh detail about her hardships to find proactive ways to push her mental health forward in a positive way. Her music comes across as very strong and happy, but as stated, she is nothing more than a flawed human like the rest of us. We absolutely love this piece and the new perspective it sheds on not only her life but a lot of entertainment industry big shots lives’. 

In summation, Azealia states “Every day is a difficult time, I’m Azealia Banks.” Thank you to Complex Media for choosing our film production studio, and a big thank you to Azealia for being so honest with the public about such a sensitive subject. We hope each and everyone of you is able to conquer your 2018 resolutions for a better outlook and overall life.

Best of 2017 // Music Video Features

Best of 2017 // Music Video Features

A quick feature on two music videos shot at our studios that made huge leaps and bounds in the music and video world in 2017.

Sharon Needles // Santiago Felipe


Last month we opened up our Brooklyn Soundstage to the one and only Sharon Needles to shoot a music video for the first single off of her latest album, "Battle Axe". Aside from being an avid performer and recording artist, Needles, the "PBR Princess"  is best known for being crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar" on the 4th season of RuPaul's Drag Race. She joined forces with Producer/Director, Santiago Felipe to create this hilariously dark video, paying homage to such films as Mommy Dearest and Devil Wears Prada. The sets were drenched in colors that pop onscreen, while the talent filled the space with their contrasting dark costumes. Fairly simple, yet incredibly effective use of lighting with a few overhead Arri's and some Kino Flo 4 banks to keep the shots nice and bright in our photo studio rental space. Ok, now stop reading and go get lost in the world of "Battle Axe"! 

                                                   ~words and photos by Justin Buschardt~

Casper // ABC Projects


We recently had ABC Projects at our Brooklyn soundstage to shoot a new spot for Casper and their awesome new line of mattresses. Casper is an NYC based company that is known for eliminating the need for showrooms and creating an easy way to ship out there state of the art mattresses to their customers with a compact box at a fraction of the price. The shoot itself was fairly stripped down as far as the set design, placing it's main focus on the mattress with the use of a jib operator, some great NYC talents along with some diffused lighting techniques. Always love watching new businesses bring their work to life at our photo studio rental space! Check back soon for the final product.

St. Vincent // All Ages Productions


A few weeks back we had Philly based visual artist, Alex Da Corte join forces with All Ages Productions at our Brooklyn soundstage to shoot a hyper modern, color drenched video for "New York", the charming new single from  the one and only St. Vincent. Alex Da Corte is known for his installation work that has appeared at the Secession in Vienna along with the Whitney Museum in New York. He has collaborated with a number of other artists and musicians, incorporating his visuals into their music and eventually crossing the line into video work and directing. When he was approached by Annie Clark (St.Vincent) a while ago about working together, it was a no-brainer as he was also a big fan of hers.

Most of the video was shot in our studio rental space while the remainder was on location in Manhattan. The beautiful sets where built on site in-between scenes by Alex and his talented art department. The minimal yet incredibly intoxicating world they created fits in nicely to "New York" as it's already a fairly stripped down song in comparison to the rest of St. Vincent's work. For more info on the making of the video, check out this interview with our friends over at Pitchfork. Enjoy!

Words & Photos by Justin Buschardt



Charlene Kaye // "Cheshire Kitten"


A few months back we had the pleasure of opening up our Brooklyn soundstage to NYC based songwriter, Charlene Kaye to shoot a music video for her future-funk track, "Cheshire Kitten". The song is exploring the many sides that we has individuals take on and the roles that we play under different circumstances and experience. "We’re multi-faceted creatures, and one can be many contradictory things at the same time. Lyrically, that opened up a lot of questions and ideas about what it means to be a woman, and how we can be breadwinners and we can be sexual; we can be aggressive, delicate, soft. And it doesn’t just apply to women. I think that men should and can embrace all of those contradictory impulses within them, too." 

Charlene worked with friend/choreographer Jadee Nikita with an old vogue style dance that was made popular in the Harlem ballroom scene back in the 1960's. Throughout the shoot she is wearing a handmade suit made of iridescent cellophane which, much like the theme of the song, is constantly changing based on the movement within each environment along with the way the lights hit. Overall, the set design was pretty bare bones, using Leko spotlights at ground level along with some beautiful colors across our cyclorama for Charlene to dance across. The steadycam operator followed her every move adding a fluid energy to an already exciting performance. To learn a bit more about Charlene Kaye and her process, check out this awesome interview with Hollywood Life here

Loose Seal Productions // Millennials

We had a great time with the Loose Seal Productions crew this weekend. They set up shop at our Brooklyn soundstage to shoot a hilarious spot about the life and times of millennials and what they're all about. Loose Seal is made up of co-founders, Lucien Florez and Michela Smith who started the company about a year ago with the intention to create memorable content about social satire without taking themselves too seriously. 

The set design was fairly straightforward, shooting against our massive white cyclorama with space lights up on the grid to create more focus on the talent. The costumes and props were a lot of fun and felt reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Check back soon for the final product!



Last week we had the pleasure of having KYLE NYC into our Brooklyn soundstage to shoot a new campaign for UNIQLO and their upcoming fall line. KYLE is an NYC based Production company who take great pride in being primarily owned and operated by women and minorities. Their team of creatives, directors, editors, and effects artists take on everything from film to commercial and editorial work.

The overall vibe of this shoot at our studio rental space was stripped down and playful, sharing some new looks while keeping it light on set. Check back soon for the final product!



Alvvays "In Undertow" // Jog Films

We recently had the pleasure of opening up our Brooklyn soundstage to Canadian based, indie pop shoegazers, Alvvays to shoot a music video for their new single, "In Undertow". The band joined forces with Director/Filmmaker, Joe Garrity and his team at Jog Films to bring this rather ambitious concept to life that front woman, Molly Rankin describes as “aquacosmic psych meets public access TV,”

The setup consists of a homemade revolving stage with an infinity mirror built into the center, minimal lighting and some steady-cam trickery all enclosed by a panoramic projector screen displaying a slew of animations from 4 separate projectors stitching it all together. To add even more dimension, they created an epic low-fi wash over the entirety of the video with the use of an old VHS camcorder against the projections to create an endless feedback loop. It was Garrity's goal to capture the length of the video in as few shots as possible with the use of timing and some well executed choreography from the band. The end result is quite beautiful and trippy to say the very least.

"In Undertow" is the first single to be released off of their new record, "Antisocialites", which is set to drop on Polyvinyl Records in early September.

Check out the video here

                                               ~words & photos by: Justin Buschardt~

Paper & Posture Mag // NYC Pride Collaboration


There's quite possibly nothing more refreshing than seeing two different publications come together to create something to celebrate a common bond. We had our friends at Paper and Posture Magazine join forces in our Brooklyn studio rental space to produce a piece just in time for NYC Pride focusing on the gender-fluid future. In this photo series, they embrace the wide gender spectrum by highlighting 18 creative individuals with an interview for each to share their unique stories and the mark they continue to leave on the community. 

This hyper-colorful shoot explored these personalities with minimal lighting and the use of mostly found objects that the crew repurposed to use for their amazing set. There was definitely a fine line between retro and futuristic elements used to create the overall aesthetic on our Soundstage. The layering of this DIY set with the over the top costume design really made this project pop in a rather exciting way! Check out the full story here.

Producer and Posture Editor in Chief = Winter Mendelson / @winter.e.m

Interviewer/Writer and Arts Editor = Maya Harder Montoya @mayaceleste

Photographer = Ryan Burke / @ryburk of Kreative Kommune / @kreativekommune

Senior Photo Director = Asher Torres / @ashertorresphotography

Photo Director = Ryan Bevans / @ryanbevans

Set Designer = Mo Pepin / @mostafapep

BTS Photos = Justin Buschardt

The Chainsmokers // Ways & Means


It's not every day we get to spend the day at our studio rental space with the parents of a Grammy Award winning artist. The folks at Ways & Means Productions teamed up with Spotify to shoot a promo for EDM-Pop duo, The Chainsmokers brand new album, with a little help from  very special guests...their moms! The set was fairly straightforward featuring an interview style approach, keeping the focus on the mothers and the box of "memories" that was used on the cover of their album. The lighting was minimal and diffused in a way that made you feel like you were inside your childhood bedroom, much like the theme of the album. By the end of the spot our Brooklyn soundstage ignited with an explosion of confetti in celebration of the new release. Take a look here.

Be Electric Studios // Adventures In Soundproofing


This week we closed down for business to start construction on a new and improved phase of soundproofing for our Brooklyn studio rental space. We were lucky enough to bring on our good friends from Greenpoint's very own Windmill Studios to offer their time and expertise to bring our space to the next level. These sound and design gurus have not only soundproofed their own studios, but a number of other spaces around NYC as well, so we are very thankful to be in good hands.

The main operation that took place was the installation of two massive Elephant doors to close off the area of our offices and loading bay from the soundstage NYC. These are built with two layers of dry wall on inside and  three on the outside; all sealed with green glue which also acts as a dampening compound. Any possible outside noise from the streets will now be sealed off completely by simply pulling these sliding doors shut. The crew also designed a laminated acoustic double door system in the wall next to the Elephant doors for people to be able to walk in and out of the studio with ease. They used decoupled construction throughout the entirety of the build so there are no mechanical connections whatsoever, which leads to a far more secure noise free zone.

These are just the first steps of our Brooklyn Soundstage makeover and we are excited to share more as we continue. Stay tuned!




First Born Productions //


We have First Born Productions in our photo studio rental space all week shooting new products for eCommerce website Like most eCommerce shoots, the set up is fairly simple in order to be able to add and subtract whichever products need to be represented on the set. Lighting is key when it comes to this kind of work so the crew went with 2 Profoto Giant reflectors to capture everything evenly. Since Tuesday our Brooklyn soundstage has been filled from end to end with all the products from their upcoming catalogue and they are working their way to the finishline. 

Slowdive // Pitchfork Live


It's been quite the busy week at our Brooklyn soundstage. Less than 24 hours after our live stream session with Mac Demarco, Pitchfork had yet another session set up and ready to go for legendary shoegazers Slowdive. The English natives just happened to be in town for two sold out nights at Brooklyn Steel. They arrived to our studio the morning after their first NYC show in two years, and first since releasing their brand new album (first album since 1995's "Pygmalian"). 

The setup for this live stream which took place via Pitchfork's facebook page at 1 o'clock on Tuesday was a little bit different stylistically than the one from the day before. Rather than including any bright colored set walls, they kept things simple with our freshly painted black cyclorama and a massive wash of fog throughout to help set the tone. This stream was also shot in black and white which seemed rather appropriate. It was an absolute honor to have Slowdive in our photo studio rental space amidst their triumphant return. If you weren't able to get a hold of tickets in time and you missed the live stream, you can still check out the show here.

words & photos by: Justin Buschardt

Mac Demarco // Pitchfork Live


In celebration of Mac Demarco's new album, "This Old Dog", our friends over at Pitchfork thought it'd be a nice gesture to film a live stream performance at our very own Brooklyn soundstage on Monday evening. Before long our studio was filled with some of the bands friends and fans to provide more of an authentic feel to the whole playing to an audience of people at home tuning in on their computers and/or other respective electronic devices. About a quarter of the way through the set, Mac even invited everyone in the studio to come up and sit down around the band to make themselves more comfortable. It was quite the intimate evening of sharing new music along with some hilarious antics in honor of the latest album that dropped just last week. 

This marked the first live stream session we've hosted at our photo studio rental space with Pitchfork and we could not be happier with the results. The set up was fairly straightforward with minimal lighting, some fog and the camera crew surrounding the stage for multiple angles while the band played on our stage in front of some multicolored flats. There was a small team in our back office editing video and cutting shots on the spot for your viewing pleasure. If you missed the actual live stream, don't worry; it's up and available for you to watch here. Grab some popcorn and a beer and enjoy the show!

words and photos by: Justin Buschardt

Pussy Riot // Teen Vogue


Last month we had front woman, Nadya Tolokonnikova of Russian feminist punk band/art collective, Pussy Riot at our Brooklyn soundstage to shoot a conceptual video with artists Jessie Askinazi and Claire Christerson, in support of the East Los Angeles Women's Center (ELAWC). This collaboration titled "Clusters" featured on Teen Vogue is intended to bring awareness to the potential financial cuts to programs that are dedicated to helping women who have been sexually assaulted as well as survivors of domestic violence. Despite the staggering statistics of abuse throughout our country, the Trump administration proposed to cut all 25 grants under the Violence Against Women Act back in March, which would in turn directly affect funding for the many programs that serve to help these victims.

During her interview with Teen Vogue, Nadya speaks up about her inspiration for this project and the fact that getting rid of these institutions simply puts peoples lives in jeopardy. "I'm angry that instead of protecting our rights the government are ceasing them. I'm sick of it." With an ever growing list of provocative demonstrations and politically charged music, Nadya is probably best known for her group's 2012 guerrilla performance in a church protesting President Vladimir Putin and the church's support of his presidential campaign. This resulted in a 2 year prison sentence for her as well as another member of the all girl group after being charged for "hooliganism". In turn, Pussy Riot became an international symbol of Putin's crackdown on free speech. This of course carries over to our current situation that seems to be unfolding under the rise of Trump in their previous video depiction called, "Make America Great Again".

To watch this moving piece shot at our photo studio rental space and learn more about it's origins check out the full article here.