total entertainment

Total Entertainment

Total Entertainment nails it on the head. This video shoot was a blast to watch. Total Entertainment is a group of professional event producers with connections to some really incredible talent. From weddings and bar mitzvahs to social and corporate events, Total Entertainment will make your night unforgettable. 

At Be Electric last week, they were hard at work getting solid footage of some of the amazing live talent they have on their team. It was just about impossible to sit still with all the dance hall covers. Here's a peek at some of the bands they had performing... If you like what you see, Total Entertainment is linked below. 

If you need content as hot at this, we've got a fantastic space and tons of equipment to help you make it happen. Check out more of out site for details and contact us with and questions and ideas you might have! We make an awesome event space too... 5,000 square feet of possibility, an awesome 40'x28' stage space, and from what we heard on set today I can assure you the sound quality is stellar.


At Be Electric we support young talents and have affordable prices for every shoot.

Come shoot with us Brooklyn photo studio.