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Feature on Website

Feature on Website

“Be Electric excels at supporting the creation of compelling media while facilitating the needs of production companies, producers, directors, agencies and brands for studio space, lighting, grip and electric, camera rentals, production supplies and expendables.”

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Feature on Facebook

Feature on Facebook


Recently at Be Electric we had quiet a unique project shot on our main stage. While most of the shoots that come through are fashion, music, TV, or commercial and narrative related, this project was an investigation piece. We reached out to the director of the project, Damir Avdagic, in hopes to learn more. 

What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?

The project is an artwork which continues a longer investigation into how history is negotiated between generations. The historical background of my work is the conflict Ex-Yugoslavia. Rather than making a historical exposé, I’m interested in tracing the effects of a historical time periods on different generations. The project will be exhibited at different venues nationally and internationally in 2018 and in the future. 

What was your favorite part of the production?

My favorite part of production was working with the participants in front of the camera and listening to how their experiences of one time period differs from the experiences of their children’s generation.

Go to equipment or camera for this project?

We shot the project using four Canon 5D cameras.

Attached is a screenshot from the video… as more clips and final products are released we will put them on our social media for you all to see. We look forward to getting down to the bottom of this nuanced investigation. Thank you to Damir, ISCP NY, & OCA Norway for using our studios for this project!

Screenshot from the Video Clip