Alexander Watches' // BTS

Fernando Martinez is a media creative that helped put together the Alexander Watch Commercial, which was recently shot at our studios. His BTS photos first caught our attention due to their simplicity and cleanliness showing off our space. The beauty of the art direction for the project was also something we loved. We asked him a few questions regarding the production at our studio space.. The finalized product has yet to hit the air but we have the behind the scenes photos for you in the meantime.. Enjoy!

1. What was the direction or end goal you had for this project?

-Our Director Sal D'alia aimed to represent characteristics of elegance and precision through a dancer was the goal for Alexander Watches' Branding Commercial.


2. What was your favorite part of the production?

-Working with a great crew.


3. Go to equipment or camera for this project?

Alexa Mini on a Triangle Jib.


Check out more of his work at: