Best of 2017 // Music Video Features

-2017 Recap-

This past year felt like a blur with all the productions going on at our studios. But as we roll into 2018, we wanted to highlight two specific videos that caught just about everyone's attention. We want to congratulate all involved. From the artists, to the directors, to the set makers, and the crews- none of this could have been possible without all of you.

St. Vincent- New York

First off the lovely St. Vincent, whose song- 'New York' from her album Massdeduction not only landed the 50th place spot in NPR's "100 Best Songs Of 2017" ( ) but also the album itself made the 3rd spot in NPR's "All Songs Considered Listeners- 100 Favorite Albums Of 2017" ( The music video alone also is featured by Pitchfork, dead center at #8 in their yearly list of "Best Music Videos" ( A few months ago back when the production first happened at our studios we did a write up on the specifics of it- to read further, click here-(

Cheers to you, St. Vincent & All Ages Productions on a wonderful 2017! We feel lucky to have been apart of it. 

Lo Moon- Thorns

Next we want to congratulate Lo Moon on their music video and song "Thorns." Shot and directed at our studios in an elegant fashion that captured everyone's attention. NPR featured the video calling it "... a visual which captures the central message of "Thorns," summarized in the line, "We'll learn to outgrow the thorns on the rose." It places moments of intimacy, chaos, hesitation and indifference side by side, and it leaves the viewer wondering whether the thorns were just too sharp." -Katie Anastas ( Mag also did a feature applauding the music video and it's director Tarik Karam. Saying it "...couples the track with interpretative choreographed movement and colourful backdrops." ( And lastly Baeble did a quick feature on the music video reviewing it as "stunning"- ( A big hats off to you, Lo Moon and Tarik- we feel humbled to have worked with you! 


Thank you!

We look forward to working with clients old and new in this coming year. Thank you all for trusting and using our spaces and equipment in 2017. Cheers to new projects and new art entering the world in 2018!