The UPS Store // "The Act of _Ing" Campaign


If you watched the Superbowl this year (and statistically speaking, if you’re American, you probably did) then you saw the UPS Store debut their “Act of _Ing” videos.

The series, most of which was filmed in our Studio 3, was conceived and created by Pig Apple, a production house specializing in comedic content. And yes, they are funny.

The videos, directed by Trevor Williams, produced by Lauren Greenhall, and with Paul Rondeau as DP, are “mock” auditions and audaciously absurd comedic interviews (think: Spinal Tap meets “Parks and Rec”). According to Williams, they needed the “gravitas of a serious commercial production” — which is what brought them to Be Electric. (We’re very serious.)

The “large, professional-looking studio with a large cyc” which we call Studio 3, and his favorite piece of equipment (which we supply), the beloved RED Dragon, did the trick.

And the result? Our blushing pride aside, the videos are hilarious: don’t miss a peek.